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Instagram: @revcyclingclub Revolution Cycles Club in action. With the Arkansas legislature passing a plethora of anti-trans legislation during the past week, transgender advocates and allies have put out the call to speak out and let Republican Gov. Asa Hutchinson know that these blatant attacks on a marginalized community will not stand.

In response to this open discrimination disguised as legislation, Wisconsin-based Revolution Cycles Club announced that they would be withdrawing from the 2022 UCI Cyclocross Championships in Fayetteville. And in doing so, their club statement served as a template for other sports organizations who have the courage to take the initiative and stand up for the rights of transgender Americans.

After affirming that their club promotes “diversity, equity, and access to cycling where historically people of color, LGBTQIA, and other diverse identities have been underrepresented,” Revolution Cycles Club condemned Hutchinson and the Arkansas legislature for “multiple, blatant attacks on the LGBTQ community.” Instagram: @revcyclingclub Revolution Cycles Club can stand proud with their decision to pull out of the Fayetteville championships. Just as importantly, the club also recognized that in order for their withdrawal to be more effective, others would have to participate. With that in mind, they issued a challenge to their sporting colleagues: “We call on the Madison and Wisconsin cycling community, broader cycling communities, the cycling industry, and state, national, and international cycling governing bodies to affirm their policies of non-discrimination and inclusion by publicly denouncing these policies. We call on these groups to continue to inform themselves about […]

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