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Zachary McCoy, of Gainesville, Florida, discovered that he was a prime suspect in a local burglary after biking past the victim’s house last year. Local police had used a geofence warrant to determine who had been near the victim’s house the day of the burglary . McCoy had to hire a lawyer to to keep his personal information private from the police and to fight the warrant in court. On March 29, 2019, Zachary McCoy was out riding one of his usual routes in Gainesville, Florida and tracking it using the app Runkeeper, as usual. What was unusual, however, was discovering nearly a year later that his ride had surprisingly made him the lead suspect of a residential burglary. As reported by NBC News , Google sent an email to McCoy on January 14, notifying the Gainesville, Florida, resident that his account information was being requested by local police. […]

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