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The best bicycle bags and panniers make a ride to the grocery store healthy and convenient. If you cycle around town to run errands, like stopping by the grocery or pharmacy, you know that having a bike basket is clutch. But while it can hold plenty of small essentials, it doesn’t have a whole lot to offer for carrying additional gear. Sure, you could just stuff things into a backpack , but some packs aren’t functional for cycling and don’t weather the elements like bike bags and panniers are designed to do. Most bike bags have hidden side pockets on the outside so you can access your wallet and phone easily while biking, and panniers, which are bags that attach to a bike’s rear rack , take the load off your (tired) back. More often than not, bike bags and panniers are waterproof and have reflective details to help you stay visible in low light. They also feature ventilated designs and extra padding on the straps for a more comfortable ride. So, how do you choose a bike bag or pannier that fits your needs? We tapped some of the best cycling athletes to share what they look for in a bike bag. When purchasing a bike bag, you should think about what specific features are most important to you. "Riders should take their location’s climate into consideration when purchasing panniers," Meaghan Praznik , an IRONMAN athlete in East Bay, California, tells "For instance, I live in the […]

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